Welcome to TUYEN LAM (TLC). We are a dynamic, enthusiastic, creative, passionate team that reaches higher standards of excellence and quality. We value each and every member of the team, as well as the expectations you will find of value, passion and satisfaction in your work at the Company. Believing that people are the core element of the company, we always focus and invest in developing a comprehensive human resources to meet the new market trends. Today, more than 200 employees, including experienced staff and leaders, are ready to meet every challenge to meet the growing demands of the various industries.

Views to employees:

Without staff, TUYEN LAM can not operate business. If our employees succeed in the environment that we create together, we will succeed.

We recruit and develop employees based on their potential and accomplishment and we pay them according to their performance.

Only skilled and capable people can sustain and develop the Company to face future challenges. Therefore, employees are the most important resource of the Company. We support all employees to develop their personal and professional skills in the areas they operate.

We always care about the individual's interests and occupational interests at the highest level as long as the benefits are in harmony with the interests and goals of the Company. We always prioritize the recruitment and development of people who have participated in the M & E activities.

Views to the community:

The company and its staff work in the community, so we treat community and community members as stakeholders in our business and deal with them appropriately.

Views on safety and environment:

Safety, health and the environment are important issues that we focus on ensuring good performance. We believe that the business process of the Company will not pose a significant threat to the people or the environment in which we live and work. In view of this success, the commitment of all employees is required.



We do not call colleague in TLC, we called brother!