Human is always a key element in all of TLC's activities. TLC takes special care of your personality, morals, lifestyle and work attitude. Therefore, the Board of Directors always understands and respects the role of each individual in the organization and is a valuable asset to be preserved and developed. All goals are aimed to the benefit of the human being because the success of the company is measured not only by the revenue but also the value and significance of the work the company produces and delivers to people, especially employees in the company.

TLC is proud that TLC has been creating a meaningful, creative and dynamic working environment. Everyone has the opportunity to express themselves, to live in an environment of solidarity and team spirit. TLC has provided employees a stable income, enjoyed a lot of benefits, promoted their career to help them working long term with TLC.

Employee salary & bonus:

Income is matching the work:
The contribution of individual staff is recorded and compensated appropriately for the employee's labor value. Annually, TLC maintains an assessment of the employee's performance as a basis for decisions at annual salary review, promotions and year-end bonuses.

Bonus according to the business results of the company, irregular bonus for individuals, collective with excellent achievements.

Allowances on request and nature of work (housing allowance, gasoline, telephone ...)

Employee health care:

Provide and organize annual health checks for employees

Provide health insurance and accident insurance for employees which are not covered by government insurance in order to provide better health care for TLC employees. The coverage of insurance plan includes:

           - 24/24 accident insurance for employees

         - PVI Comprehensive Health Insurance: Employees will be entitled to inpatient and outpatient benefits, maternity and dental care under the health insurance plan the employer purchases for the employee.

Insurance compensation limit:

          - Life & accident insurance: 100 mils VND / year

          - Accidental medical expenses: 40 mils VND / year

          - Inpatient treatment: 63 mils VND / person / year

          - Outpatient treatment: 6 mils VND / person / year.

          - Maximum of 1.5 mils VND/ visit

          - Dental treatment: 1.5 mils VND / person / year

Application of medical examination and treatment in all legal hospitals and clinics in Vietnam

Employee training and development:

In order to enhance the value of employees in the workplace and bring a good occupational orientation for the employees contributing to the success of the company, each employee has the opportunity to be trained and develop. TLC can train employees in our projects or specialized training courses of manufacturers, training center ... to participate in local / foreign training courses to develop expertise and skills according to company development.

Other benefit policies:

The company always takes special care for employees in the holidays, birthday, wedding …