Vina Kraft Paper Company (VKPC) is a member of SCG (Siam Cement Group) Established by Thai Royal. VKPC is leading Kraft Paper in Vietnam.

Year of 2008-2009 VKPC started to build the 1st plant with capacity of 220.000 tons/year, the plant was officially put in commercial operation in 2010, year of 2013 the plant was revamped to increase capacity up to 250.000 tons/year.

After five years in operation with good business results, to reach the market demand, VKPC decided to build the 2nd plant-VKPC PM2 with capacity of 250,000 tons/year.

The new plant is equipped innovative, modern production line with high level of automation from well-known technological suppliers such as Voith, Siemens, Yokogawa…

TLC was proud to be chosen a local partner of Siemens in Supply, Installation, Commissioning the Power Distribution, Drives and Control systems for the whole plant including Boiler, Stock Preparation plant, Paper Machine and other technical auxiliary systems.

The scope of TLC’s supplies included:

Supply and install the Cable Raceway systems:

  • Supply and install steel support structures: 50 tons
  • Supply and install all kinds of Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Ladder, Tray: 18,000m
  • Supply and install all kind of cable IMC conduit: 30,000m
  • Supply and install the Stainless Steel instrument and control tubes: 3,000m
  • Supply and install all materials for installation of electrification systems.
  • Supply and install the Fire Barrier for cable systems.

Installing and commissioning for Power Distribution, Drives, Control and Automation systems:

  • Installing and Commissioning for transformers from 1MVA to 6MVA: 20 sets
  • Installing and commissioning for 6.6/22KV Switchgear (MV SWG) and Motor Control Center (MCC): 30 set
  • Installing and Commissioning 690/400V Low Voltage Switchgear (LV SWG) and Motor Control Center (LV MCC), Instrument and Control systems: 300 sets
  • Pulling and terminating, labeling for Power Cables: 120,000m
  • Pulling and terminating, labeling for Instrument and Control cables: 300,000m

After 10 months of execution with over 200 Workers and Engineers spending hundred thousand working houres, TLC was proud closely working with Siemens’ experts and other Technological Suppliers to complete project in required schedule from VKPC with Internatiobnal Standards of quality and safety.

Some reference pictures taken during VKPC PM2 project execution of TLC:

VKPC grand opening ceremony

VKPC grand opening ceremony

TLC-SIEMENS team celebrating the first Jumbo Reel

VKPC PM2-First Jumbo Reel

House keeping everyday vkpc-pm2

T_C for control valves vkpc-pm2

The cable raceway systems done by flying men vkpc-pm2

Working in cable room vkpc-pm2

Working on top of ESP vkpc-pm2

Site view from sky vkpc-pm2

Building scaffolding vkpc-pm2

Conduit Threat making vkpc-pm2

Creemping Tools for cabble termination vkpc-pm2

Discussing in site office vkpc-pm2

Fabrication works-1 vkpc-pm2

Heading the field vkpc-pm2

Installing Cable Raceway at Steam Turbine House vkpc-pm2

Installing electrification at VKPC boiler 2 vkpc-pm2

Site Workshop - 1 vkpc-pm2

Site Workshop - 2 vkpc-pm2

Start a working day vkpc-pm2

TLC men at work vkpc-pm2

Tool Box Meeting every morning vkpc-pm2

Unsing cutting machine vkpc-pm2

Using portable cutting machine vkpc-pm2

VKPC PM2 site construction vkpc-pm2

Working at boiler site vkpc-pm2

Testing the Rectifier on top of ESP - 1 vkpc-pm2

Testing the Rectifier on top of ESP - 2 vkpc-pm2

Testing and Commissiong in progress vkpc-pm2

Testing and Commissioning for MCC vkpc-pm2

Testing and Commissioning for MV SWG vkpc-pm2

Supervisors working in Site Office vkpc-pm2

VKPC- PM2_TLC Site Management Office vkpc-pm2

Working in a team vkpc-pm2

Cable connection for the drives motor vkpc-pm2

Cable connection for transformer vkpc-pm2

Installation of DCS panels - 1 vkpc-pm2

Installation of Distribution Transformers - 1 vkpc-pm2

Installation of instrument vkpc-pm2



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