We are a professional M&E contractor with over than 12 years working experiences in supplying & installing of the mechanical, electrical products & services for the industrial sector, commercial and civil projects in Vietnam.

Our scope of works is including: Design-Procurement-Construction and Testing & Commissioning for whole package (EPC) for:

* Mechanical & Electrical system

1. Supply and install of Power transformers

2. MV switchgears

3. Supply equipment and installation the dis-connectors.

4. Generators and power distribution (electrical main switchboard, panels)

5. LV distribution (LV power distribution boards, bus duct, cable support systems and cabling works)

6. Supply and installation of cable raceway

7. Supply and install GI conduits and fittings

8. Supply, install and testing, commissioning for lighting and small power systems.

9. Installation of Power Control Center(PCC)

10. Installing equipment for weighing system

11. Installing of Earthing & Lightning Protection system

12. Installation of ventilation fans

13. Installation of Telephone, Internet systems

14. Supplying, installing and commissioning for sump- pump systems

15. Supply and install motors: MV, LV motors

16. Supply the Mechanical Drives: gear box, geared motors, break, couplings…

17. Fabricate Mechanical components: steel structure, non-standard component (structures, tanks, hopper, bins, others) for Cement, Power, Pulp and Paper Food processing industries

18. Install Mechanical systems for industrial plants: Steel structures, machines, piping works in Cement, Power plants, Flour Mill, Food processing, Animal feed…

* Fire Fighting System

Supply and installation of Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting systems

* HVAC systems

Supply and install HVAC systems such as Mechanical Ventilation systems in plant, Cooling systems in plants, Air Conditioning systems in plant

* Testing and Commissioning services

We are able to handle full functions for Testing and Commissioning (T&C) for HV, MV, LV (110kV, 22kV, 6.6kV, 0.4kV) power distribution systems such as transformers, MV, LV SWG, MV, LV distribution boards with all owned instruments.

We are able to handle the C&I pre-commissioning activities for Power plant, Cement plant, Pulp and Paper and other kind of industrial plants.

* Maintenance services

We are providing the services for several industrial plants, the services included Preventive maintenance and Corrective Maintenance. The services are serving for mechanical and electrical systems such as:

Mechanical systems: Valves, Piping, HRSG boiler, Metal cladding, Metal structures

Electrification: Power distribution (Transformers, MV SWG, MV-LV distribution boards, Cable systems), Drives systems: motors, MV-LV MCC, MV-LV Inverters, Automation.